What We Do


With creative plans and concepts, we make the idea of offering personalized income protection appealing to employers and associations.

Our customized exhibits are both engaging and concise—providing the exact information decision-makers want to know and answering two questions: “Why is this important?” and “How will this benefit me and my organization?”

Providing compelling answers to these seemingly simple questions is essential to our ultimate goal—making income protection plans easily available to as many individuals and families as possible.

Client-Carrier Optimization

With comprehensive knowledge of the insurance carrier landscape, we conduct thorough reviews of the most competitive offers in the marketplace—and then match clients with their best fit based on features, pricing and service.

Enrollment and Communication

To promote the highest levels of employee reception and participation, we customize our enrollment materials, strategies and technology—from logistics, all the way down to their look and feel—to match each client’s unique culture.

Ongoing Service

We stay engaged with our partners and clients for all future administrative needs with the insurance carrier, ensuring these plans run smoothly.